Who Are We

Mitch and Kevin are two guys who share a love of martial arts. Add that to the fact that they have been friends since high school and you have the makings for a fun MMA podcast.

The Show

We put out a new show every Tuesday afternoon talking about the events and happenings in the MMA and UFC world over the past week. We also do live shows and commentary at fight promotions around the country!

Meet the Guys

Wanna learn a little more about the hosts of the show? Here's some background on Mitch and Kevin.


Mitch Brudy


I've trained martial arts my whole life starting in TKD as a young kid, I earned my black belt and decided to try other styles. After doing judo and Juijitsu for a while I found my home in Muay Thai which I currently train.


Kevin Pawlowski


I got started in martial arts a pretty young age doing JuiJitsu. There was something that drew me to it. I've trained JuiJitsu for a while now and have moved my focus towards MMA now.

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